Team InfoBizzs

Like in most of the awards, InfoBizzs, would like to introduce you to the people in the wake of our real success. Their dedication and hard work along with creativity and timely deliverance is the reason why we stand where we are today. Besides the perks of working at Infobizzs, our team mostly enjoys the work atmosphere, celebrations and actively participates in various activities that take place throughout the year at our office. They enjoy celebrating mini victories and often come up with various ideas to make work like more fun, enjoyable and pleasant.

Bhavin Patel


When he is not in the office, Bhavin is busy re-searching new product ideas for clients. He is less a director and more into marketing. We at Infobizzs admire him for his down to earth and a very easy going nature.

Nikisha Patel


Nikisha, Unlike from an IT degree holder likes managing accounts and does help with training team for SEO and Digital Marketing. She enjoys felicitating the team with various requirements.

Rahul Gavande

Chief Technical Officer

Music lover Rahul, is our Senior Technician, who enjoys collecting chocolates (strange yet true).  This happy chap loves updating himself with latest technological updates.

Pranav Trivedi

Software Engineer

Pranav is our one man army, when it comes to developing, whether it be a product or an application. He also is very keen in taking part in various activities and is one of our prime member of the team.

Vishnu Suthar

Software Engineer

Vishnu enjoys playing harmonium and dholak (drums) in his free time and does quite well at that apart from developing.

Nidhi Sony

Software Engineer

Our one of the fancy and fashionable developers who loves dressing and is actively looking for upcoming activities and ideas for new activities to be held at our organization

Dhara Darji

Software Engineer

Food Courts and stalls is where we find Dhara, if she is no where in the office. She enjoys trying new food and is an employee who is loved by all, due to her friendly, pleasing and kind nature.

Hemangi Patel

Software Engineer

A dedicated developer with a deep interest in arts and craft, has made some really wonderful craft works (like pen-stand, photo-frame, ornaments boxes,etc) using newspapers seeking appreciation and a gallery to be displayed at.

Kimi Patel

Business Development Manager

The lady who enjoys multi-tasking and also likes to be trendy. She is great at communication and enjoys formalism. A die hard fan of dance and music likes to keep the office atmosphere lively.


Software Intern

Our very known quiet guy at Infobizzs, Mahavir loves reading informative blogs, articles, but very specifically IT related topics.

Shweta Khasale

Software Intern

The girl who is quite shy at nature but, is exceptionally great when it comes to sketching and enjoys it during her free time She is a very dedicated team member and is very ambitious.