Resource Planning and Business Insights Application


Pratibha Academy conducts events in various Schools, Colleges, Co-curricular Activity Clubs, Companies on Annual Contract Bases. Also Annual Sports & other Co-curricular Activity Events being conducted extremely on Professional Bases. We are professionally providing training in all types of Sports such as Karate, Judo, Chess, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Fun Shooting, Darting, Blow Darting, Swimming, Skating, Table Tennis, Kick Boxing, Chinese Boxing, Basketball, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Indigenous Games, Adventure Sports such as Parasailing, Rappelling, Climbing, Camping, Zorbing and Activities such as Art & Craft, Yoga, Mid-Brain Activation, Clay Molding, Speed Writing, Handwriting, Cursive Writing, Calligraphy, Abacus, Vedic Maths, Aerobics, Music, Dramatics, Western Dance, Classical Dance, Bharatnatyam, Quilling, Robotics, Ankodi Work, Rangoli, Jardoji, Mahendi, Bandhani, Hand Embroidery, Best Out of Waste, Rubik’s Cube Solving, Paper/Flower Making, Drawing & Painting, Artificial Jewellery Making, Health & Fitness etc…. Presently Pratibha Academy is providing professional co-scholastic activity training to 158000+ students in 24 different branches & 166 schools, colleges and institutions.

Challenges Faced by Pratibha

As a large organisation which consists of multiple branched, plenty of staff members and huge number of students, a primary concern in to have accurate business insights.

1. To know interest of students in activity based on enrolment and engagement to each activity did not happen in their previous system.

2. They have multiple courses which has different fees term and manage entire fees management based terms, due dates is a big pain.

3. Tracking up all the financial and accounting things such as fees of the students, payroll of employees and various other aspects needs to be taken care of in-depth as a single digit can bring huge differences.

4. To manage extra large inventory which is located at client venue, branch location and head quarter is also a very tiresome and incompetent job.

5. Branch migration in case of student re-location process is not getting much clarity during branch traversal.

6. No annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly reports were generated through which profit/loss analysis can be done. It lead to certain controversy and no future planning can be proceed.

Solutions We Provided

After discussing entire product requirement and client pain, we realise that they must adopt centralise system which some automated functions which can save their immense time .

1. System will shows students interest based on their course migration, course paused duration and repeated enrolment in same course.

2. Their is a centrally integrated platform which acts between all the users very swiftly and expeditiously.

3. System will tell us the duration each student has attended during specific time period to get clarity on fees and activity level.

4. Integrated with a role-based dashboard, the users are given restricted access according to their job-profile and authorization. The employees can view their own tasks. None of them can interfere in other person work.

5. With a transparency on dashboard, all the details such as documentation, fee and registration details of a client can be viewed out at a single place.

Technology used

Laravel, MySql, Cordova and Framework 7