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Outsource India is one of the leading company dealing in the business verticals of immigration and visa consultancy. Having distinct branches located at Ahmedabad, Anand, Baroda and Visnagar, the organization is having their representative offices established at Australia, Canada and New Zealand. All the major VISA services such as PR, Student’s, Spouse and Visitor Visa are being delivered by them. Adjacently, OSI also proffers matchless coaching for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) studies. The organization is actively engaged in all educational activities from 2012.


Challenges Faced by OSI

For the system to become productive and more effective, streamline flow of work process is one of the key element. The biggest concerning matter for OSI is task management.

1. Gathering the data from distinct employees working from different locations was a very troublesome and stressful job. It is becoming a very challenging and breath-taking work for both the employer as well as employees.

2. Taking follow-up from the customers and resolving out their issues on time, is a very active and alert activity that requires 24 * 7 attention.

3. Tracking up all the financial and accounting things such as bills, payment, fees of the client, payroll of employees and various other aspects needs to be taken care of in-depth as a single digit can bring huge differences.

4. As we all know proceedings for VISA and PR process is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Properly managing and retaining the documents of every individual client was becoming problematic.

5. Due to poor management, the employees were not assigned daily task which indirectly hinders in differentiating the employees efficiency and productivity.

6. No annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly reports were generated through which profit/loss analysis can be done. It lead to certain controversy and no future planning can be proceed.


Solutions We Proffer

After viewing out their problems and challenging issues, we have designed a task management system as per their necessity and arising demands. With the leverage of our digitized system, we have resolved all the major issues faced by OSI staff members.

1. In our designed system individualized fields of Task Completed, Current Task and Pending Work is being allotted. It leads to a transparency and clear communication among employees.

2. With the feature of email in our system, the employees can do all the official communication through it. They can be totally dependent on our created set-up for sending out the PDF files, scanned documents, excel sheets etc. within the in-house team.

3. A group creation functionality feature is also added in our system. Through it, the employees of the same department, working under one project or associated with a specific task can create a group and do internal discussions.

4. Integrated with a role-based dashboard, the users are given restricted access according to their job-profile and authorization. The employees can view their own tasks. None of them can interfere in other person work. Only the admin, HR and employer has the complete access to dashboard.

5. With a transparency on dashboard, all the details such as documentation, fee and registration details of a client can be viewed out at a single place.