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Mobile City Task Handler


Mobile City is a New York based Company having 34 sprint stores operating across New York and New Jersey having approximately 200+ employees. It is one of the leading store in wireless retail industry. Every store is located at prime location with a well-trained staff working to deliver matchless and quality solutions to the customer. For all the wireless solutions, advance products, plans and services mobile city offer customised solutions.


1. Assigning and tracking tasks for 200+ employees is really tough and imprecise process.

2. A single inefficient team member can cause a loss of huge human hours because of lacking of reporting on time.

3. Text based task does not have capability to explain importance and need of task in some cases.

4. Reporting may have different formats which is not possible in current system.

5. Merging multiple excel files and executing final reports based on those files is laborious and feeble process.

Solutions We Proffer

We have provided solution which delivers end to end solutions for their major needs which includes as following:

1. A system will get require information based on header provided in excel files and custom header tags defined at time of creating of process template. You can create a template once and you can reuse it in future which saves redundancy.

2. A process template decides whom to assign task, defining due date and reminder date with task description.

3. We have implemented  Custom UI Builder (CUB) which helps  Admin and Branch Admin to create and define entire process of task through process template.

4. At certain point assignee needs to get confirmation from reporter which restrict unnecessary conflict in financial or crucial decisions like purchasing inventory, spending money as expenditure or giving an discount.

5. A task or process contains text, image, audio and video which helps to explain need of task/process to assignee.

6. There is a Custom Revert Form Builder (CRFB) which helps reporter to get respond from assignee in desire manner.