Restaurant App Development: Features and Opportunities
By Admin / 27 Sep 2018
Searching the restaurants on the basis of location is nowadays very much common. Almost every restaurant location is available on the Google Maps. Although, by adding distinct functionality features your restaurant app can become remarkable and notable among users.

Here, we have shared some enhanced features that can be added while developing a mobile application of restaurant. By considering these aspects, the app can be made more engaging and appealing to the audience.

1. Chatbots: For the quick conversation with a user the restaurant app can also provide the functionality feature of adding a chatbot. Through it, a human-made conversation can be done with the computer programs. It assists the user by answering the relevant answers. Adding, it also helps in browsing and searching any item in the entire application.

2. Social Media Sharing: For making your app reach more number of people it should be highly engaging and attractive. By embedding videos and images the people will be interested to subscribe and follow the restaurant app on distinct social media platforms. Also by continuously putting engaging, content the people will love to share your app with the relatives, friends and other groups.

3. Push Messages: Without opening your app the user must be able to know the latest updates of the restaurant. With the leverage of push messages or notification customer must be made aware of discounts, alerts on coupons, special meals and lots more. It will grab the attention of the user towards the restaurant app before anyone else seeks their attention. Through the emails, SMS and push notifications the customer can be informed up to the minute information about any event, offers or activities that are going to happen in the restaurant.

4. Taking Orders: With the aid of an app, the customer can place the order themselves from the table. The order taker person doesn’t need to come to your desk for taking orders. It saves the time for taking the order and sending the same to the crew of workers working in the kitchen. Directly, the order will be received by the cookers and reduce the labor man-work. By taking orders online the user can view their order number, rejection/acceptance of an order or any update on order completion.

5. Online Payment System: The world is getting digitized and people no longer like to carry cash in the pocket. Simply, by entering the secret pin number and debit/credit card details the payment can be processed up. It makes the customer feel free from the hassles of exchanging notes and giving tip to the servant at the time of payment.

Apart from the above-discussed methods, there are references, referral code and other unique ways to allure the customer towards the app. Different types of custom apps for restaurants can be created. Like as app for managing distinct things by restaurant owners, application for delivery boys or restaurant app only for users. Depending upon the vital things specification of the restaurant app do varies and it’s costing.

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Top 5 Tips for Hiring PHP Developers
By Admin / 09 Aug 2018
A developer is a very preeminent part of a Company as he is the only person who has the capability of transforming your ideas into a fully functioning scalable website.

Hiring the right PHP developer is significantly important and it should not be related to only technology and coding. The hired dedicated PHP developer should be a person who is able to understand your business to the core and can assist you in doing strategic plannings for the future development and growth. There are three levels of PHP developers i.e. beginners, middle and advanced. If your requirement is only of basic level or some tweaking changes only, then it is good to hire a beginner who has 1-2 years of experience in PHP language. But, if your requirements are big such as website creation from the scratch then experienced PHP programmer is a must to hire for fulfilling your requirements.

1. Knowledge Level

Don't ask triggered questions in the interview that can be easily found on the Google such as when was the PHP language was invented, who discovered it and what was its previous history. Try to ask open-ended PHP questions in the interview process such as which are the designing patterns you have used till now, major differences between object-oriented and component-based design or how to resolve managing conflicts when multiple persons are working on the same data.

2. Should have Good Aptitude

Hire the best PHP developer who is willing to learn new technologies and working on it. During the entire hiring process ask them the questions like which programming language did they have recently learned, in which companies did they have done the training and what are the steps that they are doing to learn more about PHP language like that of attending conferences.

3. Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills and fluency over the English language should be must for a PHP developer. During the conversation with a client over the Skype, audio, video, phone, web or email it is very much necessary to understand the clients’ requirements and provide the solutions in the same way as needed from the client side.

4. Start Through Small Project

After hiring give a small project to the newly hired PHP developer and start identifying the working efficiency of the person. There are always deadlines scheduled for every project completion. If the candidate is able to deliver bug-free project then we can say the performance of the employee is very good. Plus whether he has done some creativity while delivering the solution should also be significantly noted.

5. Work Experience

There are various factors such as determination, curiosity, persistence that are necessary for creating a good culture in the company. If you hire an experienced developer who has previously worked in a big MNC company, then there will be very fewer traits that the person will be adaptable, risk-taking and a self-starter which doesn’t suit the start-up environment. Therefore, it is very much vital to understand that which type of person does is best fitted for your working culture.

The ideal candidate to be hired must be the one having in-depth knowledge of PHP as well as of HTML language. Adjacently, the person must have done the work over CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend and other frameworks too.

Before hiring any candidate it is very much vital to have a clear-cut communication from both the side of employer and aspirant. It is better to clearly understand all the terms and conditions in the initial stage before signing and going into a contract.

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Android App Development: Quick Tips for New Developers
By Admin / 01 Aug 2018

For turning down your ideas into reality creation of android application is the best idea. While developing an application there are some key aspects that need to keep in mind by the Google Android developer. For achieving great height of success there are a few aspects that need to be cultivated and customary needs to follow them.

Here, we have shared a few tips that can prove to be highly valuable to look on at the time of android application creation.

1. Start Reading More Code

Every another developer is so much deeply involved in writing the code, that they don’t feel to read the code written by the expertise persons. By going through the open source and libraries you will start learning how to write clean and clear code. Adjacently, follow the guidelines as per the Android coding. Understanding the basic fundamentals of Java language will also ease in becoming an excellent mobile app builder.

2. Security Should be Prime Priority

Security is one of the most concerning issues by every android developer in today’s Cybercrime world. By doing testing of application multiple times the bugs and errors can be completely moved to trash. It results out in a secured and protected website.

3. Follow the Android Design Guidelines

There are a certain set of guidelines that need to be followed by every developer. By understanding the UI and UX designs you will be able to use and implement in your created application. On the Google Play Store, there are about 2.2 billion apps. Making your app look distinguished should be your primary focus. With the leverage of fast and beautiful user interface, you can create innovative designs.

4. Develop it for Multiple Devices

On a variety of devices and distinct sizes, the android application is running. It is not possible for the developer to individually check the application on each device. Thus, for maintaining the consistency make sure that you are using density independent pixels instead of pixels for the layout. By choosing the pixels the android will automatically calculate the right percentage of pixels for a specific phone device.

5. Optimization of Application

With the usage of unnecessary objects and variables stored the speed of the app gets degrades. Hence, it is vital to optimize the application by refraining it from the unnecessary space occupied. As there will be too many objects collected in the app. Soon a garbage will be collected which will create hiccups when the user is accessing the application.

As the Google Play Store is full of application that has great reviews, ratings and a huge number of downloads. Therefore, creating android app distinguish among the rest others requires something extra and unique features that fascinate the eyes of users.

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Why Should You Use Magento for E-Commerce?
By Admin / 09 Jul 2018

Magento is an e-commerce open-source framework which is written in PHP. At present, there are 2,00,000 online retailers that are using magento for e-commerce business. Launched in 2001, magento offers 1,500 plugins and extensions to the users. Both the competitive rivals PrestaShop and Shopify platform are giving a head-on-head competition to Magento.

Due to out-of-box features, various advantages, ease of compatibility and an excellent support provided by technicians it is the best platform that provides a wide number of customized options.

1. Integrated Payment Options

With the payment gateway options of E-bay, PayPal and Quickbooks etc it is very easy to do the transaction from any corner of the world. As every buyer has a distinct preference for doing the shipping and payment. Thus, by opting magento platform you can impart wide opinions of payment to the users.

2. Open-Source Platform

As an open-source platform, it is quite adaptable and the developers can alter the coding as per the business requirements. There are three versions of magento in marketplace. The first one Magento Community Edition is free to use while the rest two Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Go are paid up version. With the ease of installation, you can use the Magento Community Edition is whichever way you wish to like. By accessing different functionality features of magento and magento extensions you can create your e-commerce platform super powerful and dynamic.

magento and prestashop

3. Ease of Integration

With the database applications, Google Analytics, Payment Gateway and built-in Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout you can quickly integrate Magento. It highly assists in tracking the customers online history. For effectively handling the online marketing it is the best e-commerce platform to access.

4. Highly Scalable and Flexible

It is one of the leading e-commerce platform for online business. Whether you are having a large or small business and irrelevant of number of products, it offers a good flexibility to all the traders. The feature of integration with a third party software can also be availed for growing up the business to a larger scale.

5. Search Engine Optimization

In today’s IT market there is a lot of competition to generate the traffic on the web-portal. For making the best revenue earning from the website, Magento is the best e-commerce platform. It gives you liberty to create URLs, tags, descriptions with relevant keywords that are significant for search engine optimization.


6. Analytical and Tracking

With the leverage of Magento Business Intelligence tool, you can easily track and analyze your website performance. Through the customized tools both the technical person as well as an entrepreneur can view entire online business insights. If too much traffic is driving towards your e-commerce store, then also it has the capability to handle it without displaying any bugs or technical errors.

7. Freedom of Selecting Hosting Services

With a seamless support of hosting services magento platform enables you to pick up any host for your website. It also permits the developer to go for economical options that are flexible. Adjacently in the Magento Go version, you can avail the features of Magneto Community edition platform too.

Irrespective of the business size and economical Magento pricing it is an ideal choice by all the entrepreneurs. Being a safe and secure platform, all the sensitive data and information are kept confidential. Having a large support from magento community members of developers all the technical issues and updates are effectively resolved and implemented.

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Top 5 WordPress security plugins: Prevent your website from getting hacked
By Admin / 29 Jun 2018

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source platform for content management. But, due to the security issues such as weak passwords, plugin vulnerabilities and obsolete software WordPress site are frequently getting hacked by spammers and hackers. Thus, it is very much essential to secure the website and make it secure from the trap of hackers. Almost 26 % of the website uses WordPress and more than 500 WordPress websites are being made live everyday. With thousands of customized templates, plugins and themes available for free usage, it is one of the most endorsed website development platforms by entrepreneurs. The most admiring fact is all the WordPress free security plugins are the most downloaded WordPress plugins by users.

Here, we have discussed the top five WordPress plugins that are good for security purpose of the WordPress site:

1. Wordfence Security

It is one of the most popular security plugins that is having a rating of 4.9 and is having more than one million downloads. For the IP blocking, login security, firewall, monitoring and security checking, it is the best WordPress security plugin. The most enchanting feature of Wordfence plugin is WiWAF (Web Application Firewall) that identifies the malicious traffic and block their IP addresses.

2. BulletProof Security

Through the BulletProof WordPress Security module, all the protection issues such as SQL infusion, CRLF, XSS, RFI and code infusion hacking can be handled by a single click arrangement. For viewing and monitoring all the transferred files on the WordPress it is the best security plugin. Adjacently, the history of entire logins attempts, email cautions for assortment of clients and alerts for speculated pernicious movement are some of the premium features of BulletProof security plugin.

3. All in One WordPress Security

It is one of the most popular security plugins that prevents WordPress hacks. Through the installation of this plugin it easy to protect the vulnerable areas of website that is having the highest probability of getting hacked. With this plugin installed a limit over the login attempts can be created. On the basis of users IP address, there is a setting to blacklist and detect the file changes made by any unauthorized person. Apart from it, there are a number of other enchanting features in this plugin.

4. iThemes Security

By getting 30 + distinct methods to safeguard your WordPress site from the hackers, it is the best plugin to install. In both premium and free versions, the ithemes plugin can be easily access. For the two factor authentication, logging actions, monitoring core files and forcing the user to create strong passwords are some of the top-notch functionality features that iThemes security plugin gives to the user.

5. Sucuri Security

For the security reasons such as malware protection, blacklist monitoring, file honesty monitoring, website firewall, effective security hardening and file integrity monitoring the free Sucuri plugin is a complete suite for the security protection of your website. All the activities done on the WordPress site are being tracked and what changes have been made by which user can also be viewed out.

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